About Us

Since 1986, SVR Lawyers has been helping insurers, businesses, condominium corporations and private individuals resolve their most important and complex legal challenges. 

Our team of highly skilled and determined lawyers strives to provide clients with the very best legal representation through responsive, thorough, effective and innovative legal solutions and advocacy. 

We know our clients place their trust in us to manage their legal matters, so we strive to return their confidence by doing all that we can to defend their interests. 

Technology to Meet Your Needs

SVR strives to ensure our lawyers are delivering effective and efficient legal services to clients that make best use of technology. We have implemented many significant and innovative changes to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and handle large volumes of documentation. See the Technology page for full details.

National and International Affiliations

SVR Lawyers is proud to be affiliated with Risk Management Counsel of Canada and Mackrell International.


RMC is a national association of independent law firms who work together to handle multi-jurisdictional insurance law matters. Through close collaboration over many years the insurance defence lawyers in RMC’s member firms have established a thorough understanding of each firm’s areas of expertise as well as strong personal and professional working relationships. The strength of these relationships provides our clients with value and peace of mind when members are working together on multi-jurisdictional matters or referring clients to counsel in another province. If you require insurance law expertise anywhere in Canada you can count on RMC members to connect you with the right lawyer for your needs.


SVR Lawyers is part of one of the world’s leading global networks according to the latest edition of Chambers & Partners Global Guide for Clients. After extensive research with businesses, Mackrell International has been placed in the category for leading firms both globally and in Latin America.

“A ranking in the Chambers directory is highly sought after and hard-won so we are thrilled to be included again. It’s an achievement that reflects the work and commitment to quality of all our member firms.” – Clive Mieville, managing director of Mackrell International.

Scott Venturo Rudakoff LLP joined Mackrell International in 2009 to provide clients with high quality global legal service. Mackrell International has 90 members representing a total of 4,500 lawyers working in 60 countries. In the last 12 months the network has strengthened its US coverage by expansion into new states and signed up new members from China and India.

“Our clients are trading on a world stage and to look after them we need to be able to call on legal expertise across the globe. Belonging to Mackrell International means we can do exactly that knowing our clients are in the best possible hands.” – Daniel R. Horner, Partner at Scott Venturo Rudakoff LLP.