Technology To Serve You Better

SVR’s Innovation and Technology Committee ensure our lawyers are delivering effective and efficient legal services to clients that make best use of technology.

SVR Lawyers has recently implemented many significant and innovative changes to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the office, including:

  • Worldox Document Management System: This software allows us to control, organize and manage all of our information (email communications, scanned paper documents, word processing documents, spreadsheets and anything that can potentially be stored as a file) coherently. Worldox also allows our lawyers and support staff to access whatever content they need, whenever they need it, without having to go to a paper file. It also assists with quick retrieval of research, legal opinions, draft pleadings and case law. Worldox also has security measures that can be put in place to create firewalls for conflict files or confidential/privileged information. 

  • REMINDEX: This software assists our lawyers in complying with client reporting deadlines as well as assuring accuracy and efficiency in managing limitation deadlines. The software allows us to create client specific templates for every area of law and limitation type so that reminder date alerts are issued automatically. In the event that the responsible lawyer misses a deadline, the matter is escalated to the Team Lead or another lawyer to ensure appropriate action will be taken.

  • VOIP: SVR Lawyers recently upgraded to a VOIP phone system. This allows us to have a unified communications solution that integrates instant messaging, email, calendars, video calling and more. This system has significantly improved our ability to make contact with our clients, even in a disaster situation.

  • Workshare Software: This is an excellent software program that compares and shares files. It helps us to create a final version of lengthy documents faster and more efficiently. It also has a security feature that removes metadata from our electronic documents. 

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking: SVR Lawyers has equipped many of its lawyers with speech recognition software to boost productivity and accuracy. 

  • Eclipse eDiscovery Software: This litigation support software program allows our experienced paralegals to handle all document-intensive files efficiently and cost- effectively. It also helps us to reduce our use of paper. 

  • SVR Lawyers’ boardrooms are equipped to facilitate Skype questionings when appropriate. This allows us to reduce client costs, such as having to pay conduct money in order to assure the attendance of witnesses at Questioning.